I have long been an avid observer of what is (to me, anyway) a dynamic, engaging and unique industry. It experiences huge up and down-turns almost cyclically, is highly regulated and has become an institution to modern development. I am, of course, talking about the Aviation Industry. 

Moreover, I like planes. This blog will definitely reflect that.

I hope that you, the readers, will find it to be a useful source of information. From time to time, I intend to post relevant and up-to-date news regarding the latest trends in the world of airlines, manufacturers, regulating bodies and occasionally the military. And inject my opinion whenever I have one.

Having followed many blogs in this field, I understand that my opinion may not always agree with yours. Whenever that is the case, I welcome you to express your thoughts in the comment sections, or contact me directly. Ideally, I want this blog to be a two-way street, we are always learning and I certainly look forward to feedback.

This is my transition from observing to being observed and I certainly hope you enjoy reading all future posts.




4 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Hi SM good luck!

    From other blogs you probably know some small advises.

    – Make sure you are with 2 or 3 to improve continuity.
    – A strong opinion makes a blog interesting, but challenge the public with unexpected ones.
    – If there is a lot of content, split it up and spread it out for continuity.
    – Use pictures and allow users to use them (within sensible boundaries) to keep it attractive (provide the allowed html commands).
    – do a full force promotion when you have further detailed your web site

  2. Hi I guess the trick is to have a few intersting well prepared topics and link (only) into topics on the same or similar topics on popular blogs like seattletimes, seattlepi, pprune, airliners.net, flyertalk, etc.

    On leeham news blog you can see a list of other aviation blogs.

    I think you have interesting topics sofar.

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